Step off the cliff!

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Black cross against the sky
March 23, 2014
I was doing my devotions this mornings and the issue was our emotions and how we sometimes allow them to govern and control our actions and decisions. In the past I have allowed my emotions to take me down paths that caused me to doubt God and drift from Him. Emotions are a hard thing to work through since many are seated in past hurts and experiences. Then I read what Oswald Chambers wrote, ” The only test we should use to determine whether or not to allow a particular emotion to run its course in our lives is to examine what the final outcome of that emotion would be. In essence he is saying where is that emotion going to lead. Is the emotion something from God spirit and it is to spur us to action? Or, is it our own nature and we allow it to toss us like a wind blown wave. He also wrote “If the spirit of God has stirred you, make as many of your decisions as possible¬†irrevocable, and let the consequences be what they will”. Irrevocable; not able to be changed, reversed, or recovered; final. Again, it is to trust and have faith in God, but it is our willingness to step off the cliff with no hand rails. To make our lives ones of no return, our decisions final, no going back. A life lived like that is at times terrifying, but if it is a life of walking with God, you will see amazing God things. So…. is it a life of maybes or a life with no plan B because God always delivers on plan A when we decide to live an irrevocable life in the plans of God.
A sometimes terrified servant of our Lord.


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