Building Update November 2014

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Thanks to a very generous gift we were able to purchase and begin work on a new much larger property that will serve as our StreetLight Mission home. The property is located at 424 Westminster Avenue, Elizabeth in the mid-town section of town. It is one block from the Division of Social Services and on the train and bus lines making it easily accessible to those in need. The new building will be approximately 10,500 square feet, four times larger than our existing office. It will eliminate our need for the four storage units we currently utilize. It will also allow us to move all of our offices into one location. Our Finance and Administration and Development offices have been located at the home of the Yuschaks for the last three years.

More importantly though, the new building will provide much needed space to assist those in need as they restore their lives. While we have utilized every square inch of our 2,500 square foot building for multiple purposes, there are many services that are just not possible or are severely limited by our existing facility.

If you will dream big with us, in the new building:

  • We will not have to turn women and children away who come to our functions because we can’t fit them into the small conference room we have.
  • We will be able to split our children up into multiple classrooms by age and provide them with age appropriate lessons.
  • We will have an on-site kitchen to prepare meals increasing both the quality and quantity. Last year we served 19,000 meals that all had to be prepared elsewhere.
  • We will have a short term home for 8 men as they learn how to get and keep a job and prepare to live on their own.
  • We would have showers to allow those preparing for work to get cleaned up.
  • We would serve as an emergency shelter to help those who are homeless.
  • We would have phones and computers available every day for those seeking employment.
  • The children coming to us will be able to play on property and not risk getting hit by traffic as they dodge cars.

Progress – At this point the foundation of the new building is in place along with interior foundation bulkheads. This was significant as the basement had to be dug down to accommodate a storage facility, elevator and mechanical equipment and to accommodate HVAC ductwork in the Great Room. New structural steel is in place. Interior perimeter drains are installed. Elevator pit is installed. Kitchen and great room plumbing is complete. The kitchen exterior walls have been put in with all of the brickwork done. A steel roof as been put in place in this section of the building. Framing is complete on all but the top floor of the building, which has yet to be added to the building.

While we have made substantial progress on the total renovation of this property We estimate we will need to raise approximately $1.5 million to put on the top floor and complete the work. Once this money is available we will be able to complete renovations in about 6 months. We look forward to that day and the additional services we can provide with great anticipation.

Let us know if you would like a tour of our future home.

If you would like to see more photos they can be found in Facebook by CLICKING HERE

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